You will find here posts about artificial intelligence most of the time.

Current themes of interest would be :

  • The PyTorch (another machine learning library for Python)
  • The TensorFlow and Keras
  • ConvNetJs (JavaScript machine learning library)
  • all other tools and papers helping me understand the machine learning process

I will certainly focus some articles on the latest TensorFlow 2.0 that you may install via this command:

!pip install tf-nightly-2.0-preview
import tensorflow as tf

Since GitHub is one of the greatest code repositories online there will be some searching methods explained helping us to grab good quality data.

You can do machine learning in many languages, but Python would probable be the very first choice if you haven’t worked with the R programming language.

I will also provide some learning articles in Python, R, JavaScript, Ruby and Go.

There will be interesting time generating and visualizing the ML models.