This little program will output random GitHub zen rules (in fact these are the zen rules of Python) import this:

import requests
def zen():
	Calls GitHub zen
	url = ''
	page = requests.get(url)

I will try to comment on some.

Practicality beats purity

If this means you forget about linter, please do. Being practical, means to sacrifice purity. No one asks for perfect code in first commit.

Speak like a human.

Explain your code, so that other humans can understand. Including you after 2 months.

Keep it logically awesome.

You just need to have clear idea what you do.

Avoid administrative distraction.

Don’t let anyone stop you from coding.

Half measures are as bad as nothing at all.

Just keep in mind, you are not finished until you tested everything you can think of.

Responsive is better than fast.

Create programs that can talk.

Approachable is better than simple.

Still, it’s good to be simple.

Design for failure.

Write try blocks and exceptions.

Non-blocking is better than blocking.

Write async services.

Favor focus over features.

Just essential features at the very start.

It’s not fully shipped until it’s fast.

Setup must be easy as 1-2-3. In case of Python it should run from Github (